Estas vacaciones hemos recibido en el buzón del Hostel un correo electrónico de un cliente que nos relata esta bonita historia que comienza en el Hostel y que os compartimos:
«Dear Scout Hostel, We go back to the last week of October in 2016. A russian girl, who wants to spend her holiday with her friend in Madrid, is checking in in scout hostel. At this time she thinks only about latina
dances and delicious spanish food.
A few days later a german boy arrived to scout hostel too and as fate would have it he slept in the same room as the russian girls.
So they saw each other, but were in the first days too shy to speak. So another coincidence should help them to meet at the royal kings palace. Both had the same goal, but both were too late to enter this day.
More than one and a half year later the Russian girl and the german boy are married and scout hostel made it possible to find each other, to find the love of their lives. We want to thank you for this. We will never forget